Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well she finally came.

So I would like to introduce the new addition to our clan.  Her name is Olivia Ann Brimley (what else would her last name be).  She was born at 16:40, weighs 7.7 lb. and is 20 in. long or tall or short. . . . . whatever.   For Cassie's sake it was the fastest labor yet, just 8 hours and then  she only pushed 3 times.  Both are doing very well, everything went smooth, there was only a few little hiccups is all.  Oh I am doing fine as well just so everybody knows, it's hard work sitting in that chair, not doing anything productive.  Olivia has a bit of what the nurse's call "Stork Bite" on her face, it has some technical name but who cares about that.  It will clear up in a few days so it not that big of a deal.  They should both be home on Thursday and thats when the real fun begins.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frontrunner Daddy Daughter Trip

Yesterday I took Chloe out on a little Daddy Daughter Day to give Cassie a break for a bit.  We drove up to Salt Lake Central Station and rode Frontrunner to Ogden.  In Ogden we spent about a hour walking around historic Ogden Union Station.  They have a couple of museums there, but we just looked at the old locomotives and rail cars outside.  Then we rode the train back to Salt Lake and walked around the Gateway, then drove home.  
I knew Chloe would have fun, but I didn't think she would have as much fun as she did.  When we came home she couldn't stop talking to Sofia about the whole adventure.  She then made her own train out of chairs so Sofia could ride along.  Chloe wants to go ride the train again right NOW.  

Chloe standing in front of the Frontrunner #2 MP36 diesel electric built by Motive Power inc.  

These are the Bombardier bi-level cars that we rode to Ogden and back in.

I stuck Chloe on the front of this old 0-6-0 yard goat steam engine at Ogden Union Station.

These big guys used to be fenced off but now you can go right up to them.  The purple thing on the right was a special car build by Union Pacific for the 2002 Olympic Torch relay.  The yellow loco in the center is a massive DDA40X built in 1969.  The steam engine on the left is a 4-8-4 wheel configuration, it's sister engine is still being used today.

Chloe standing by one of the main drivers on the 4-8-4 #833.

You don't realize how big these are until you are right next to it.

Standing between the beastie creatures. 

An old Rio Grande caboose that Chloe liked playing on.

This is the train that Chloe built after we came home.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dollhouse Show

Yesterday the girls and I decided to attend the dollhouse show at the Provo Library.  I was excited to attend due to the fact that I want to build one for the girls when they get a little older.  I wanted to get some ideas and study the fine craftsmanship of some of the examples.  The whole thing was advertised on buses, in newspapers and on television and I thought it was kind of a big thing.
Well what a bust it turned out to be, I felt like I was at a dollhouse garage sale.  I thought I was setting my standards a little high but even Chloe didn't seem all that interested in anything.  95% of the dollhouses were something I would let a family of rats live in.  Another problem I had was there was two large rooms that had a bunch of thrift store fodder that was for a silent auction, then all the dollhouses were thrown out in hallways.
So I am sorry I am being so negative but I was expecting quite a bit more.  Here are a few moments that we preserved in picture.

One of the few good ones.

A view of pressboard estates.

Chloe studying a fine example of a tenement, the one on the right was okay.

This one had potential.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

3-2-1 Contact Opening Theme/Intro

Ok for this little post we are going on a journey to the world of 1983. I started watching intros and episodes of shows I used to partake of as a child. I will post more of these in the near future. Those of you with parental reality blockers, too bad!