Thursday, August 21, 2008

sofies birthday

Well sofie turned one last thursday on the 14th, 
I can't believe she is one. Time flies by so fast.

It was  a fun birthday, farley, tina and my grandparents 
from Idaho and tricia and leroy came to the party 
plus my parents. I think chloe has found a new friend. Thank you
all for coming 

I made this care bears cake for sofie, though 
you can't tell but chloe smooshed the care bear
down into the cake so I had to fix it. 

 I thought sofie would dig into the cake but
 apparently she just picked at it. We did give her 
ice cream she didn't like it cause it was to cold.

Over the weekend sofie had a little bit of the flu,
then by tuesday morning she looked like a spotted
leopard,  from the high fever she had, it covered her 
whole body.